AtmanWay – Strategic Alliances & Partnerships
Nora Silini
Counsellor  |  Facilitator  

Nora, a counsellor and facilitator, specializes in emotional and relational intelligence, leadership, and systemic change. Her talent lies in revealing individual strengths, fostering connections, and creating safe spaces for genuine vulnerability, enabling personal growth. Her work involves enhancing interpersonal skills, understanding relationship dynamics, and promoting effective communication and team development. She mentors individuals and groups, and aids organizations in building partnerships, focusing on the influence of human consciousness on relationships and behavior. Nora advocates for deep connections and addresses disconnection and loneliness by encouraging collective growth, or “WEvolution.”

Collaborating with organizations focused on social impact and human consciousness development, Nora works at AtmanWay leading Strategic Alliances & Partnerships. Amongst other things she oversees Ubiquity University’s Admissions and is a pioneer in Europe’s Authentic Relating movement, hosting events and offering counselling therapy. Her work, extensive research and thesis are dedicated to the We-Space concept, fostering collective consciousness and a culture of peace.