About AtmanWay

AtmanWay is a boutique consulting company that facilitates transformation and growth in leaders, organizations, and society by helping to integrate Strategy, Wisdom and Action.

Strategy | Wisdom | Action

What we mean fundamentally by these big words, Strategy, Wisdom, and Action.

  • Strategy is the ability to focus & essence the geometry. 
    • focus on what’s important – the critical few elements that matter the most.
    • discern and distill the essence of what’s relevant into a geometry, structure, a framework that simplifies and provides an approach to navigate complexity
  • Wisdom is the inner quality to see beyond, bridge and expand perspectives.
    • See within, through and beyond what’s merely visible.
    • Bridge with what is less visible, the potential in everything that is waiting to emerge.
  • Action is the capacity ultimately to embody (align inside & manifest outside) and move into new reality
    • by bringing into alignment and manifest, serve implementing a new reality
    • aligning internally (ideas, choices, actions) – and let that coherence shape, serve a shaping force

We trust blending these together empowers clients we serve to integrate head to heart and hands to see, sense, and embody new ways to illuminate and elevate humanity on a shift of consciousness.


At AtmanWay we constantly triangulate, merge, blend these dimensions together in all that we do – and across 3 main streams of services:

  • At Individual level, accompanying leaders through Transformational Leadership: executive coaching and inner development journeys.
  • At Organizational level, helping companies evolve via Culture transformations.
  • At Societal – Systemic change level, elevating consciousness through generative silence & dialogue practices in larger systems to integrate head, heart to hand. 

We believe the art in life is holding and integrating paradoxes and apparent opposites.


Our integrated approach is informed by a set of core principles that shape our passionate work

AtmanWay decoded

AtmanWay’s name comes from Atman, an ancient word and concept – connected with the pathway of our Soul

In a few words, by fully being and bringing forth all that we are, by inhabiting the Soul, we ultimately serve and merge with something much greater …and we become ONE with All that is.

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