Soul Leadership Journey Lead from Soul, Serve Life & World


A 3-month Leadership Wisdom Journey for Leaders who long to
embody and lead from Soul to illuminate and elevate their Self,
Organization and the World.

Soul Mission: #2 Sessions – October 6th, 27th
Life Vision: #2 Sessions – November 17th – December 1th
Manifestation: #2 Sessions – January 19th – February 23st

Optional Windows with Wisdom Meditations & Dialogues (dates to follow)

Led on Zoom in English. Do not miss it!
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Inspired on and anchored on Transformational Presence


An immersive journey accompanying leaders and entrepreneurs on a path of growth to integrate Strategy, Wisdom, and Action.
A path to expand leadership capacity, exploring how to discover, embrace and embody Soul Leadership at all levels – Personal, Organizational, and Systemic.



The Soul Leadership Journey is a Wisdom-based experiential leadership program where West and East meet.

Blending teachings from strategy, ancient wisdom and transformational practices around being, while doing, the SLJ journey presents Three different modules: Soul Mission, Life Vision and Manifestation) – that can be seen as different entry points to enjoy either separately or altogether, one after the next.

The journey also offers optional Wisdom Windows with Silence & Dialogue, as extras opportunities to shape and enrich the co-creation learning space.

Extras: Wisdom Windows with Silence & Dialogue practices (dates to follow).

Led on Zoom in English. Do not miss it!
Watch out for Special Early Bird & Bundle Discount prices.

You can buy the Whole course or a single Module

What will you gain from this journey?

  • You will identify your own purpose and learn to listen to your inner guide
  • You will integrate mind-body intelligence, aligning head, heart and hands
  • You will identify the core values that you want to develop
  • You will be able to lead teams, clients and organization from a deep knowledge of one’s core purpose, creating value with true authenticity.
  • You will allow your potential for greatness to emerge, a well as the greatness of the people you serve
  • You will learn how to easily lead your clients, teams and organization from the future

Who should apply for this journey?

  • Corporate excutives and top-managers
  • Entrepeneurs and small Business leaders
  • Strategy Consultants & Leadership Coaches
  • HR & Leadership Professionals
  • Non-profit Leaders, Social facilitators and Educators
  • Conscious visionaires & Change makers

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In a forest of a hundred thousand trees, not two leaves are alike. And not two journeys along the same path are alike.

Paolo Coelho

ANNE BARING is one of the greatest pioneers of the Divine Feminine of our time, a Jungian analyst, researcher, and visionary capable of weaving psychology, mythology, ecology, and alchemy. She published several books including “The Dream of the Cosmos: a Quest for the Soul”, a vast compilation of her life’s work, and a gift to humanity to greater consciousness and healing.

The WISDOM DIALOGUE is a dialogue space informed by Silence and sourced out of Wisdom, to activate a New Dialogue for humanity. The Soul Series is an intimate and leadership perspective of the WISDOM DIALOGUE, in the extraordinary presence of wisdom keepers dedicated to illuminating and elevating Wisdom in the World.

Paolo Morley-Fletcher engages in a Soul WISDOM DIALOGUE with Dr. Anne Baring, around “Soul & Spirit and Awakening of the World” (UK, 2023).

[The Dialogue kicks at 00:10:30, after some initial context & silence practice]

Key takeaways

  • Decoding the relationship between Spirit, Soul, Mind, and Body
  • The quantum of Light that inspires our physical body, and everything around us
  • Opportunities for giving and receiving throughout the day and expanding light
  • The essence and container of the whole universe, we can breathe into to awaken and co-create the World
  • Sensing to go beyond the mind’s limits and receive information in new ways

Soul Leadership: A new paradigm, Leading from Soul, serving the World.
Leadership is very personal and intimate – it is more about who you are than what you do, how you show up as a leader, and that is connected to your presence. We call it pres-es(s)ence – as we view it as the capacity to be present with your own essence, and the essence of the present moment.
“The success of any intervention depends on the inner conditions of the intervener”. The outcome of any transformation, project or endeavour ultimately depends on the inner place of presence of that one leading that endeavour, the inner

quality and alignment, that inner “being-ness” of the leader.Soul Leadership is about that place. It is ultimately the Essence that you choose to follow, that inner quality and alignment in everyone and everything that you choose to follow and respond from (in every present moment) …to serve something greater that wants to emerge through you.
So what is that Essence? We call that Essence, SOUL. To lead you are the first one to follow and trust that essence and let IT ultimately lead YOU. Join the Soul Leadership Journey, a new way of leading and serving the World.

Facilitators & Conveners

Paolo Morley-Fletcher (Profile)

Strategy and Leadership Advisor & Executive Coach

As both a consultant and executive Coach, Paolo has spent almost 20 years advising leaders and organizations globally around Strategy, Culture and Leadership Transformation.

Caroline Veerman (Profile)

Founder of FERJA, Transformational Coaching & Development

I support executives, professionals, and leaders in creating conscious and connected work cultures, where people thrive, teams flourish and the desired organizational results are a natural by-product and consequence.


Inspired on and anchored on Transformational Presence

ImaginAction and AtmanWay are partnering in providing acessible tranformative education opprtunties for artists and facilitators via combined scholarship and pay with art, stay in presence program for community leaders worldwide

* Transformational Presence + Soul Leadership | Interview *

Conversation with The Center for Transformational Presence, exploring how the “Transformational presence” approach shows up and expands through life and work and Soul Leadership”


Silence & Dialogue into Action (STEP #1)

Global Movement initiative of silence, to silence the guns, connect with wisdom and be ready to activate a new Dialogue and actions for humanity. A first step of a journey from head to heart and to hand, guided by Silence and Dialogue into Action.

Giving Back & Coaching for Life

FREE Executive Coaching micro-sessions – Brief Deep Dialogues to integrate Strategy, Wisdom and Action and help leading in these turbulent times of uncertainty & fear. A small way to Give Back and thank all those who save and serve life.

ImaginAction Mentoring

A one-year program for emerging cross-sectoral leaders who want to bring about the paradigm of reconnection as the premise for collective well-being.