Integrating Strategy, Wisdom and Action
to transform Self, Organizations and Society

Transformational Leadership
  • Personal change strategy
  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership journeys

Mind-Heart-Body coherence determines leadership presence and impact into our social field

Who am I?

…and what am I here for?

Corporate Culture Evolution
  • Diagnostic & Visioning
  • Leadership alignment & Culture strategy
  • Behavior & Mindset change journey
Culture ultimately reflects your company consciousness and contribution in society

How can We grow together?

…and expand what we are meant to be?

Systemic Change
  • System thinking & sensing
  • Generative dialogues
  • Embodiment practices
«Purpose is to awaken and become a conscious player in this continuing growth and transformation»
(Christopher M. Bache)

How can WE make a difference?

…and co-create a world that works for all?

We Believe Everyone has a gift
to make a difference in the world

AtmanWay Manifesto

Core principles

Our integrated approach is informed by a set of core principles that shape our passionate work



3 Intelligences connect us and make us who we are
Mind-Heart-Body coherence determines our presence & impact
Leadership depends on the capacity to integrate strategy, wisdom and action


We can only change outside if we first change inside
Success of every transformation depends on our your inner quality
Leadership inner space determines the outer reality of change


Superior companies align strategy, organization and culture
Evolving culture requires a focused, pragmatic and deep approach
Corporate culture reflects the level of consciousness of the organization

“Significant problems we face cannot be solved from same level of consciousness that created them” (Einstein)


Transforming Leadership

How to reduce fear, create from uncertainty & make a difference in the world

Evolving Culture – Horizontally & Vertically

How to integrate a Pragmatic & Deep view for organizational and personal change strategy

Informal Leader

Why Authentic Informal Leaders are key to organizations’ emotional health

Tapping into the collective wisdom of key employees can help a company build the capacity to weather the worst crises


Company’s unique DNA

Strategically integrating culture’s multidimensional energy to orientate, move and elevate global organisations’ consciousness & customer impact

Integrating rational and emotional

Transformational leadership means integrating rational and emotional forces and engaging the larger intuitive mind and heart intelligence to see problems and possibilities in new dimensions.


  • For while we have our eyes on the future, history has its eyes on us
  • Where we are now, requires a massive leap in consciousness and a shift to heart-leadership to embrace and integrate
     “to close divides and put differences aside…and seek harm to none and harmony for all”
  • Be inspired by Amanda Gorman’s inauguration day poem “The Hill We Climb” (courtesy of Los Angeles Times)




What’s happening in the world seems to be asking only one thing, to react and in the worst possible way, with unprecedented consequences; what if it was instead inviting us to respond, in the most active and radical way: from fear to love, from dark to light.

What if this tension was a tipping point for creating a new reality, and engaging in a new Dialogue on humanity?


For more information on the story behind this movement, please click HERE.

AtmanWay in Action

Silence & Dialogue into Action (STEP #2)

Global journey from Head to Heart to Hand to activate a new Dialogue for humanity sourced out of Wisdom, Love in Action.

Giving Back & Coaching for Life

FREE Executive Coaching micro-sessions – Brief Deep Dialogues to integrate Strategy, Wisdom and Action and help leading in these turbulent times of uncertainty & fear. A small way to Give Back and thank all those who save and serve life.

Silence & Dialogue into Action (STEP #1)

Global Movement initiative of silence, to silence the guns, connect with wisdom and be ready to activate a new Dialogue and actions for humanity. A first step of a journey from head to heart and to hand, guided by Silence and Dialogue into Action.

Wisdom for TEDx

Facilitating TEDx community global journey and TEDxRome event with a closing transformational speech: Go Deep – The World needs (your) Wisdom

Planting Trees for our Planet

Reforestation partnership & campaign to plant trees across Europe – our way to take action against climate change and give back to the earth and people

Leadership Summit 2021

Participation in the Global Leadership From Within Summit, with a keynote session focused around the Power of Culture to raise consciousness in Business and Society

Global Intention for Iran

Partnering up with Woman, Life, Freedom: A Global Intention Event for Iran to catalyze the power of community and shared intention for freedom in Iran… — and reviving hope for a new story of what’s truly possible for humanity.

Power of Transformational Presence

Speech on the Transformational Presence at the International Coaching Federation
Key resonating messages:
“I Am, hence I Transform”
“Be the Light that Illuminates and Elevates consciousness in the World”

Finding your Purpose

FREE world-class Self-Managing Leadership – online program LIMITED EDITION: Facilitated journey into exploring purpose within yourself and your leadership. A small way to Give Back and help connecting inside in these VUCA times.

Leading from the INSIDE-OUT

Transformation Within – VIRTUAL Leadership journey to build inner resilience & impact. Step-by-Step framework for deep reflection, changing habits, making critical choices and bringing plans to life, via powerful stories, small group dialogue & practices.

Youth Wisdom Dialogue - YWD Seed

Youth Wisdom Dialogues with Students and Wisdom keepers across the world to foster Dialogue and ancient wisdom practices in partnership with Tribal Wisdom, starting with schools in India

Leadership Discernment vs Judgement

Experiential Workshop on Leadership Judgement exploring different dimensions and practices for leaders to make wise decisions in uncertain and turbulent times (with a focus on Tax and Digital transformations).

How can I help? - Afghanistan Dialogues

Co-creating sacred Food Dialogues to connect & expand human integration and fundraising movement to support Afghanistan refugees, mobilize society and respond to everyone’s “How can I Help?” questions
Soul Leadership Journey

A 3-month Leadership Wisdom Journey to embody and lead from Soul to illuminate and elevate Self, Organization and the World.
ImaginAction Mentoring 2023

A one-year program for emerging cross-sectoral leaders who want to bring about the paradigm of reconnection as the premise for collective well-being.

Transformational Presence + Soul Leadership | Interview

Conversation with The Center for Transformational Presence, exploring how the “Transformational presence” approach shows up and expands through life and work and Soul Leadership”

Work Examples

Management Horizontal & Vertical Growth

Executives transformational coaching and generative dialogues

Leadership assessment and coaching journey alliance to winning behavior change and upskilling, wide awareness shift and renewal

Global Service Leadership & Change Journey

Global leadership journey and organization culture evolution

Behavior and Mindset shift from highly centralized multinational to networked organization with strong local accountability culture

Industry Merger Culture Integration

Leadership coaching culture transformation for leading merger

Cultures integration strategy and top management coaching for high-performance leadership teaming and organization alignment

Holistic Transformation & Family Turnaround

Holistic approach from culture shift to business strategy and beyond 

Culture-led transformation and growth strategy, new governance & leadership development with core organizational foundations

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