Wisdom Dialogue – A New Compass For Humanity –


Join a Global Movement informed by Silence and sourced out of Wisdom, Love in Action

A Journey from head to heart to hand
through wave & particle initiatives


We are in a planetary meta-crisis.
Everywhere we see disconnection, fragmentation and paralysis on all levels.
We are urged to move our awareness from “I / me” to “WE / us”, serve a shift of consciousness, and heal the whole.
Creating a new reality will require a new form of dialogue, a space that catalyzes and elevates wisdom in the world.

This is a Dialogue, where we go through and beyond the Word for new wisdom to emerge, capable of shifting how we care about our Self, Others and the World, offering new directions for Humanity, towards a shift of consciousness.

Wisdom Dialogue is the new compass to see beyond and bridge the visible and invisible.



Upcoming Wisdom Dialogue Movement initiatives, Particle manifestations and Opportunities

Wisdom Dialogue Day – WDD

Global journey from Head to Heart to Hand to activate a new Dialogue for humanity sourced out of Wisdom, Love in Action.

Wisdom Dialogue Circle – WDC

Regular opportunities to follow up, deepen and integrate the Wisdom Dialogue practice and sense into and prepare for the upcoming new global particle initiatives

Youth Wisdom Dialogue – YWD Seed

Youth Wisdom Dialogues with Students and Wisdom keepers across the world to foster Dialogue and ancient wisdom practices in partnership with Tribal Wisdom, starting with schools in India

Soul Wisdom Dialogue

Soul WISDOM DIALOGUE Decoding the relationship between Spirit, Soul, Mind, and Body with Dr. Anne Baring, one of the greatest pioneers of the Divine Feminine of our time

Join our next global journey to activate a new Dialogue for humanity sourced out of Wisdom and Love in Action.

AtmanWay is dedicated to fostering a space that integrates, illuminates and elevates Wisdom in our World.

This is a second step of a journey from Head to Heart to Hand

Silence for a new Dialogue & Action

What’s happening in the world seems to be asking only one thing, to react and in the worst possible way, with unprecedented consequences; what if it was instead inviting us to respond, in the most active and radical way: from fear to love, from dark to light.

What if this tension was a tipping point for creating a new reality, and engaging in a new Dialogue on humanity?

For more information on the story behind this movement, please click HERE and read the article.

When radical innovation is about ancestral practices

“When I signed up for Earth WISDOMDIALOGUE I had no idea what I was walking into. By the time I finally tore myself away 12h later, I felt full and happy, connected to the whole world and to the planet in a deep, peaceful way. I had experienced wisdom.”
(WDD participant’s article)

Wisdom Dialogue Silence Reflections

My 6am conversation with Silence through the Wisdom Dialogue Day event,
Earth WISDOM DIALOGUE: Reorienting Humanity (June 24th 2022).
By Clare Hedin (June 2022)

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Our team ritual in preparation of the Water WISDOM DIALOGUE – Deep listening & sensing to Earth Water and Humankind Focus on “How can WATER direct us in Awakening the WORLD?”