WYRD Time Science & Consciousness Wisdom Dialogue

AtmanWay partners up with WYRD, ICRL and Ubiquity University to bring the Wisdom Dialogue at the Science & Consciousness conference at Avalon, Broughton Sanctuary, UK

An open five-day scientific exploration of Time from a non-linear perspective

The annual Science and Consciousness conference, serves as a platform for bridging the gap between established scientific theories and unexplained consciousness experiences. It brings together leading scientists, academics, and practitioners in the field of consciousness studies. The event features real-time experiments that engage all participants, leaving them with a profound sense of ‘Wyrd’ – a deep understanding of our interconnectedness with the world around us.

The theme for the 2023 conference is Wyrd Time. While the Celtic and Anglo-Saxon ancestors revered non-linear time as a mystery, today we approach this phenomenon with a more scientific perspective. This year’s event promises to delve into the intricacies of Time through both ancient wisdom and modern scientific exploration.


With that spirit in mind, AtmanWay’s participation serve the Science & Consciousness exploration, through the WISDOM DIALOGUE practice. Multiple sessions will be uniquely designed to delve into the concept of Time from a non-linear perspective, allowing participants to sense and catalyze wisdom to tap into and integrate a deeper understanding and embodiment. AtmanWay’s aim is to facilitate an experience that encourages integration on a journey from Head, to Heart to Hand.

Engage in the WISDOM DIALOGUE, a transformational practice
to embody interconnectedness and integrate transcendence,
to deepen and expand reflections and learnings
on a journey from head to heart to hands.

The Wisdom Dialogue movement gathers diverse wisdom keepers from all corners of the world to sense and catalyze wisdom to reorient humanity. Informed by Silence and a space of collective intelligence, the Wisdom Dialogue transcends individual limited viewpoints, giving voice to cosmic wisdom for more creative and inclusive solutions.

This is a Dialogue capable of rekindling our sacred divine wholeness & Humanness – healing its individual parts to make it whole again.

Ultimately, the WD is a practice to embody inter-connectedness and integrate transcendence to serve life and the world.

Wisdom Dialogue intends to serve as a new compass to see beyond and bridge the visible and invisible. Going back to the root of Dialogue, as Dia-Logos, together in the Wisdom Dialogue we go within, through and beyond the Word, and science order, for new Wisdom to emerge, and sustain a shift of Consciousness.

Furthermore, we are thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking dimension to our practice, aimed at measuring field coherence. We’ll be incorporating cutting-edge technology from Princeton University, offering a dynamic and innovative approach to our sessions. This integration promises to open up new avenues of exploration and enhance the overall impact of the Wisdom Dialogue. This convergence of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge technology is set to create a truly transformative experience for all participants.

AtmanWay works as a catalyst for transformational growth in leaders, organizations and society with a unique approach integrating Strategy, Wisdom and Action.

Here below are AtmanWay’s key faculty and space holders

Paolo Morley-Fletcher
Paolo Morley-Fletcher AtmanWay Founder
nora silini
Nora Silini AtmanWay Alliances & Partnerships
Petra Borgmann Durrie AtmanWay Key Designs Social Artist


The event will be hosted at Broughton Sanctuary

Photo credit : Broughton Hall

Nestled in the picturesque expanse of the Yorkshire Dales, this idyllic retreat boasts 2,500 acres of pristine moors and woodlands. With a spa and retreat center, a historic house, and charming cottages, it has played host to a multitude of groundbreaking events, served as a captivating backdrop for numerous films and series, and provided an inspiring canvas for art and performance alike.

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