In this section you can find most of the AtmanWay Wisdom initiatives underway

WYRD Science & Consciousness

AtmanWay partners up with WYRD & ICRL to bring the Wisdom Dialogue at the Science & Consciousness conference

Soul Wisdom Dialogue with Dr. Baring

Soul WISDOM DIALOGUE Decoding the relationship between Spirit, Soul, Mind, and Body with Dr. Anne Baring, one of the greatest pioneers of the Divine Feminine of our time

Water WISDOM DIALOGUE: Awakening the World

24hour Global Wisdom Dialogue Day event, gathering indigenous elders and wisdom keepers from all corners of the world to sense and catalyse wisdom to reawaken humanity

Silence & Dialogue into Action (STEP #1)

Global Movement initiative of silence, to silence the guns, connect with wisdom and be ready to activate a new Dialogue and actions for humanity. A first step of a journey from head to heart and to hand, guided by Silence and Dialogue into Action.