Social Artist
Petra Borgmann Durrie
Designer  |  Facilitator  

Petra Borgmann Durrie has been working as a (product and communication) designer for almost three decades. Her artistic career encompasses roles as a coach, social artist, and visual facilitator. She uses a variety of embodiment and reflection tools to explore and deepen the capacity of the body as an intelligent system. In her unique approach, Petra adeptly converts complex content into visual formats. This skill aids significantly in reflection and decision-making processes, offering insightful revelations in elaborating on meta-levels to reveal correlations, moods, dynamics and emerging potential.

Petra’s expertise extends to human and organizational development, where she emphasizes co-creation, collective intelligence, and systems thinking. Her work in these fields is marked by a commitment to fostering collaborative environments and nurturing holistic development. Her contributions continue to influence and shape the landscape of communicative and organizational strategies.