Atman is a Sanskrit word that means universal soul, the deepest eternal Self to which the each soul (atma) tends to.
We are all unique souls, and part of a universal soul that is pure consciousness.
Atman is the drop of the universal consciousness in us.

AtmanWay Manifesto

We Believe Everyone has a gift to make a difference in the world

A unique gift inside to rediscover and give to / share with the world so evolution can happen
We believe everyone’s and every organization’s and system’s soul is special and unique
Our task in this earthly journey is to remember our uniqueness, re-find, hone and share our special soul gift so we can make our contribution and further evolve

The moment we express our soul gift and share it with our world, the universe vibrates and expands to a higher level

We can only remember our uniqueness by connecting and aligning with our soul

  • In essence the basic way we connect with our soul is by breathing (Atman / atmen / Spirit in many languages is connected with breath)
  • Re-finding and honing our soul gift require working on ourselves (personal development work: understanding, practicing with focus and becoming who we truly are in potential)
  • Sharing our soul gift / talent requires courage (courage to embrace and expose our vulnerability… and encourage others to hold onto their uniqueness and stay true to who we are and why we are here) and wisdom

When we share our gift we make a difference, we contribute to our own evolution and of the whole world

We are a gift, our gift to our self a gift to the world

AtmanWay helps individuals, organizations and society integrate strategy wisdom and action to fully breathe in and embody their soul gift and lead the way