In this section you can find most of the AtmanWay Actions initiatives underway


Global Call to Humanity: War & Violence Stops Now! Peace Initiative | Paolo Morley-Fletcher’s contribution to the launch of the initiative

ImaginAction Mentoring

A one-year program for emerging cross-sectoral leaders who want to bring about the paradigm of reconnection as the premise for collective well-being.

Soul Leadership Journey

A 3-month Leadership Wisdom Journey to embody and lead from Soul to illuminate and elevate Self, Organization and the World.

Global Intention for Iran

Partnering up with Woman, Life, Freedom: A Global Intention Event for Iran to catalyze the power of community and shared intention for freedom in Iran… — and reviving hope for a new story of what’s truly possible for humanity.

Youth Wisdom Dialogue – YWD Seed

Youth Wisdom Dialogues with Students and Wisdom keepers across the world to foster Dialogue and ancient wisdom practices in partnership with Tribal Wisdom, starting with schools in India

How can I help? – Afghanistan Dialogues

Co-creating sacred Food Dialogues to connect & expand human integration and fundraising movement to support Afghanistan refugees, mobilize society and respond to everyone’s “How can I Help?” questions

Leadership Discernment vs Judgement

Experiential Workshop on Leadership Judgement exploring different dimensions and practices for leaders to make wise decisions in uncertain and turbulent times (with a focus on Tax and Digital transformations).

Power of Transformational Presence

Speech on the Transformational Presence at the International Coaching Federation Key resonating messages: “I Am, hence I Transform” “Be the Light that Illuminates and Elevates consciousness in the World”